From outdoor building sign to indoor advertising decorations,

for high location or low location, even the display shelves

and vinyl, we can deal with all for you.Yijiao’s products exist

in every corner and realize their values in every corner.

【3D Luminous Letter and Light box Letter】

We pay attention to every detail and try our best do complete every task.
The team of Yijiao treat every challenge seriously every day with strictness

and persistence.With the strict disciplines, any subtle errors are not

permitted. For the customers’ commitments, any delays are not permitted.
These are the common identifications of all members of Yijiao.

  Each delivered sign comes with a 3-years warranty

            against every malfunction and visual degradation.

  All signs and transformers are waterproof( grade: IP65)

  Guarantee of a perfect and homogeneous light

  80% efficiency after 30,000H use

  PMMA 100% Recyclable

  A sustainable concept

        To adopt a sustainable concept today is to avoid the

        risks of tomorrow( rising of energy consumption, the

        possibility of new penalties for highconsumption’s sign).

        The pioneer who respect the environment has been working

        in this direction for many years. Yijiao group favors unrivaled

        quality of its products. The quality of products, the respect to

        participants, customers and environment are the mainly part

        under our considerations.

       We use 100% recyclable acrylic and 98% of our final

       products are recyclable.

      We manufacture recyclable products for our customer.

      We give priority to signs of adapted sizes to fit into the

      urban landscape.

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